The Age of the Musketeers

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Holymage on the creation of the 360° immersive show at the Cité de l'Histoire in Paris, named "In the Time of the Musketeers" ("Au Temps des Mousquetaires" in French).

The script, written by Franck Ferrand, immerses us in the vibrant life of the Musketeers in 17th-century Paris. The audience is transported to the heart of the Hôtel de Tréville, the Louvre, and through the lively streets and taverns of Paris.
The experience is punctuated by duels and court intrigues, paying homage to the captivating world of the Musketeers. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure tracing the footsteps of the legendary Musketeers!


I had the privilege of designing the logo for the show. I opted for a serif typography, infusing the overall design with a touch of elegance reminiscent of the Musketeers' era. To visually enhance the logo, I incorporated various glyphs, playing with them to bring movement and dynamism to the composition. The letters T and M were specially crafted to evoke the iconic hats of the Musketeers, adding character and bestowing a unique identity to the entire logo.

The logo takes a central place on all communication materials for the exhibition, from merchandise like cups or notebooks to 4 by 3 posters in the Parisian metro.



I created the epilogue of the show, a sequence dominated by trichromatic tones of black, white, and ochre. This part highlights key characters from previous scenes, whose artistic styles I reworked.

Each composition is carefully designed, taking into account the relief of the the 700m² projection area, accentuated at times by animated strokes. The ink transitions, perfectly synchronized with the music, unfold in a captivating visual ballet, evolving across the entire ellipse.


Creative Direction
Antoine Géré

Antoine Géré
Pierrick Chéronnet
Samuel Frezoul
Julie Maubé
Vadim Androussoff

2D Animation
Antoine Géré
Pierrick Chéronnet
Stéphane Prince
Julie Maubé
Vadim Androussoff

Sound Design
Delacroix Studio

3D Audio mix
Beyond the mix

3D Modelisation & Animation
Pierrick Chéronnet
Vadim Androussoff
Juan Sandrino
Antoine Géré

Amaclio Productions